‘Secrets of a Successful Bus Operation’ : recommended viewing

Click on these links to see slides and a recording of the recent and utterly excellent webinar Secrets of a Successful Bus Operation organised and published by the Foundation for Integrated Transport.  A brilliant exposition of how to do buses!

With Roger French, who was Managing Director Brighton & Hove Buses in some of its most successful years.

Roger says reliability should be a given, and identifies five other key areas:

    • Frequency, reliability, consistency
    • Price, value, simplicity
    • Legendary customer service
    • Information, promotion, publicity
    • Regular investment in new buses

And five key areas for roads authorities:

    • Roadside furniture
    • Parking policies
    • Land use policies
    • Controlling roadworks
    • Bus priority

What does this mean in practice? Watch the webinar and find out! (NB it’s on  on Youtube  – there may be a few adverts).