Council election manifestos 2022; what’s in them for buses?

Here’s our commentary on the local Party manifestos we’ve seen for the Council elections on May 5. It’s about the local Edinburgh Party manifestos, NOT any national documents which come down from Party HQs.

As well as reading the local Party manifestos, it’s useful to (re)read their answers to our ‘Election Event’ questionnaire ( The SNP and Conservatives either

  1. didn’t get their act together or
  2. couldn’t be bothered answering the questionnaire

so that’s an immediate black mark. Or possibly they took one look at the questions and ran a mile. Anyway, this commentary focusses on the actual manifestos. We:

  1. read each manifesto as it stands
  2. compared them with each other
  3. considered whether they matched EBUG’s ‘manifesto’
  4. considered whether words matched deeds in the current Council 2017-2022

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Council Elections – Vote for Good Quality Public Transport for everyone!

Here are EBUG’s key ‘asks’ of all parties and candidates standing in the City of Edinburgh Council elections in May 2022.

Edinburgh Bus User Group (EBUG)
Manifesto for the 2022 Council Elections

Quality Public Transport for Everyone

EBUG believes in a working partnership between the Council and bus operators which recognises that each should focus on what it can do, and what it does best.

The next Council must Increase the budget and capacity of the Council bus team and focus more pro-actively on delivering tangible improvements for bus users. Continue reading “Council Elections – Vote for Good Quality Public Transport for everyone!”