2021 AGM notice

Dear Edinburgh Bus Users Group member,

Annual General Meeting

The EBUG AGM will take place  online only at 18:00 on Thursday 17 June 2021.

You’ll remember that we could not hold an AGM in person in 2020. However, the EBUG committee believes that we should not continue to postpone it indefinitely. Obviously an online meeting is far from ideal, but we trust you will understand.

If you wish to attend the on-line AGM, please email EBUG directly at edinburghbususersgroup@btinternet.com, simply saying you wish to attend.

Your membership will be verified, so that any non-members can be invited to join.

You will then be sent in due course:

1) the agenda (including the committee report)

2) minutes of the last AGM 2019

3) a link to meeting.

Please note that the committee will propose amendments to the current constitution. (The committee considers that these are minor, ‘tidying-up’ measures).

At the AGM:

  • The committee will report on its work to date, and the financial accounts
  • Officers and committee for the next year will be elected
  • Any proposals given to the Secretary at least 14 days before the meeting will be discussed

Best wishes

Chris Day

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